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Bataille à travers les dangereux arènes et de devenir le Réservoir Héros!

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Un jeu d'aventure, la prochaine que la vitesse de la pratique, le haut doit être dans l'esprit Avec les ennemis opportuniste de participer à la guerre pour obtenir le héros de la des réservoirs! Vous avec toutes sortes de ballons, tels que des balles, هوایتزر et de caméras thermiques, vous pouvez vos ennemis sous vos pieds Caractéristiques: - L'utilisation de la technologie OpenGL pour les graphismes en trois dimensions, l'éclairage et la dynamique de la production d'Annie, l'ombre - 120-scène, dans un environnement unique - A deux modes, "les décisions sur les opérations militaires" et "la durabilité, en apportant des" - La possibilité de sélectionner les 5 types d'armes à feu - 5 types de réservoirs pour l'ennemi, et que par l'intelligence artificielle du programme de contrôle sont - Possibilité de lancer le jeu sur les tablettes et les appareils avec écran HD - Le mode de compatibilité چندلمسی et de profiter de la boule de commande, le curseur (gauche) pour contrôler votre réservoir - A les réalisations et les classements les plus de privilèges dans le service de OpenFeint (un service pour le jeu de masse Android votre en réseau) Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Tank Hero

  •  vintageaprons

    vintageaprons THE BEST OFFLINE GAME EVER!!! Well...This offline game was not the best after all...It is that ULTRA-BEST GAME EVER!!! I was searching many offline games till I saw this game. It is nice. If can...Please add some power ups like...rockets...robots...well in my overall opinion.....(the game creator)...you are ROCK!!! Perfect

  •  IndedeCic

    IndedeCic Pretty sweet! This is a good game. Mechanics are good and controls are better. It gives you a challenge and you have to actually think to beat it. Anyone says it's ridiculous just doesn't know how to play. Omg

  •  dpdvvx

    dpdvvx Blah Was good at first. But then while your trying to lob and shoot it will go off target. You need to hit the middle of the d pad to fire. But if you're a little bit off it changes your targeting. Wish there was two d pads and a separate button above the d pad to fire. Fabulous!

  •  hauhMichect

    hauhMichect Very nice, needs multiplayer. With other shooter games you don't get the panic, the sense of " 3 strikes, your out." Tank hero has that and it provides the right notion to become a good game. It does need a multiplayer tho. Omg

  •  tracygomez1127

    tracygomez1127 Too short I really enjoy playing this game, it can be challenging too. But it is over way too soon. 40 levels on each world, and 3 worlds seems like alot but it is over so quick. More worlds, and larger battle fields would be great. And a .50 Cal. Machine gun on top of the tank to operate with my other finger would be awesome lol. Thanks guys for a good game. But please make some more thanks! Not bad

  •  tylerrimes

    tylerrimes Best The best tank shooter there is, only problem that the screen get smudgy very quick and tank stops moving while there is myriad of bombs after me and of course that leads to instant death. Even so I can complete the whole game with basic ammo! Must have completed it hundreds of times and that makes this game one that I have spend most of my time on ever. No regretz! Go well

  •  injubaxia

    injubaxia Great time killer Sitting in airport killing some time with this game. It's great because you don't need to buy anything or wait for stuff to upgrade... Just keep playing Good

  •  dborah14

    dborah14 Great, but.... This is a fun and addicting game, there are just a few things that I don't like. For example the dragpad is too large. I can't shoot in the bottom left corner. It also takes too long to load the points, when I lose, I don't want to wait for the points, I want to try again. There should be a shortcut. Despite those things this is a great game and I hope that in the future more levels will come. Keep up the good work Good

  •  gorygoleari

    gorygoleari I like this app I love war games and tanks are fun do drive I played this game I. The Wii and I loved it love it

  •  Boappevaggedy

    Boappevaggedy Would It Be Wrong If I Called It Cute? Within the first few seconds of seeing the tiny tank, I thought it was so cute! The controls are easy, it's fun, entertaining, and adorable. Keep up the good work guys! Recommend

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