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Free download apk for android. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de TETRIS Blitz

  •  SkipJack

    SkipJack My new favorite addiction The title says enough. Very much distracted from life with this game. Love the updates. Fabulous!

  •  garethjames

    garethjames Like the update I like the update however I miss the option to watch a replay of other players in the tournaments. I would like to see how some people reach those scores. Any chance of bringing it back. Cool

  •  bovkmooepk

    bovkmooepk Got it fixed! Thanks for the reply I was able to get it working after your suggestions but don't like it as much after the update. Sorry. Great!

  •  pjlupf

    pjlupf Beyond Cool I just started this game 3 weeks ago and I'm beyond addicted. I enjoy the battles and tournaments. Flawless

  •  tseoonekw

    tseoonekw Ads Take ads off of bottom part of game. Can't get to the play option. Or move the play and back buttons up a little. Love this game just can't play it anymore. Must have

  •  EpubConverter

    EpubConverter Free videos for coins are not working. Screen goes black! wish it was easier to get coins. I refuse to spend my own REAL money on a game. It is too easy to blow through coins when competing against other people who have all the add-ons and finishers. This game forces you to pay up if you want to score big....if you don't it is very hard to win. The best scores in this game are simply gotten by the players who have the most disposable income...rather than skill. It is a fun game though. Perfect!

  •  cheapestwowgoldwex

    cheapestwowgoldwex Very addictive! Very addictive. Several friends and I enjoy battling each other! Only problem is it's crashed several times. Last time was during a tournament and I lost 63500 coins. Would like them given back! Perfect!

  •  Hasescava

    Hasescava Stright addicted! Can't put it down, but doesn't give me my free coins for down loading games from the list Omg

  •  michaelmccal49

    michaelmccal49 Overall good Everything is good but I hate the fact that if you pay to unlock one of the better power ups you still have to purchase it with coins to use like wth Enjoy it!

  •  Railagenengof

    Railagenengof It's missing something Needs something more like an old school retro tournament that last 5 mins no power ups and no finishers Go well

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