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Une seule règle...Lancer la balle dans le panier!

( 330,290 )
Versão: 1.1.8
Tamanho: 22M


Bounce votre chemin vers la gloire dans ce jeu d'arcade sans fin!!!

Mettant en vedette :

- Super physique réaliste tigerball
- Le contrôle de glissement lisse et Soyeuse
- Rapide rythme mais le gameplay relaxant
- 100 niveaux artisanaux mes 20 mondes Mostram as palavras do Editor:
tigre boule jeux, tiger ballon d'enregistrement, tiger jeu de balle, baume du tigre

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Commentaires à propos de Tigerball

  •  eldorafelch

    eldorafelch Great little ball game I love this game even though I can't get passed level 25 it passes the time away and is very addictive I go on for five minutes and 40 mins later still playing Muito bom!

  •  unultQuow

    unultQuow Lovely game It's a lovely game but the bad part of this game if we get out then we have to start for 1st stage improve this quality. love it

  •  MyBlastPL

    MyBlastPL GOOD Good game..... But i can be THE BEST GAME if you guys make some work.... 1) starting always from the first level not so cool... change it for god sake....2) and in free play ... to go to next level you have to make 3 goal in a row... no way... this MUST change... if u want to keep some difficulty just make it three goals (not in row)... if u implement this thn it's definitely five star game.... Cool

  •  maryvin

    maryvin Addictive and great game play I like Tiger ball, current high score is only 22 but that's better than my son! Lol. Easy to pick up, progressive learning curve. Simple but sensational. So why 4 not 5 stars? Well there's always room for improvement, like my high score! Well done!!

  •  aageddis

    aageddis Killer game. Games are for killing time. But this game makes me create time and then kill it. Very very addictive. Keep up the good work guys. love it

  •  alhoop

    alhoop Tiger Ball Could be an excellent game . But there is only one winning set of games. You will notice when a set of games are very simple like the first one you play. Then it goes in a random generator and until that set comes up again there is no possible way to progress. Its a cowards way to get money out of you. sorry tiger ball your just a bunch of cheaters like most of the games promoted by Google Enjoy it!

  •  azibxmojlg

    azibxmojlg Great time waster Best of times, worst of times. Although that ball frustrates you sometimes beyond words, you come back for more Pretty good

  •  clairpruitt32

    clairpruitt32 Addiction.. Fun... Good time pass I love this game... I unlock all levels after playing for whole week... Even after completed...i have addiction to play it again and again... :-) Perfect

  •  johnnychrist511

    johnnychrist511 Not like other u played before This is an really challenging game.. Each stage is perfectly designed. Level of challenges are excellent and the free shoots are always there to make u ready to win another chance. Mst for everybody who seeks new game. Best for basketball lovers. And paperball basket lovers. I really enjoy playing at my leisure. Marvelous

  •  Duasexsweer

    Duasexsweer Great effort, but in vain U have to go through every level from the very beginning every time u play, which is irritating, and un necessary. Thats why i am unistalling it after playing it for 1 day Perfect

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