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Prenez votre arc et sauver le royaume

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کمانت را بکش و قلمروی خود را از حملهٔ دشمنانی که قلعه‌ را محاصره کرده‌اند نجات بده.
دشمنان را از بین ببر و بهترین کماندار در این بازی پرچالش، فانتزی و پرهیجان باش.
کاراکترهای فوق‌العاده را کشف کن، با دشمنان گوناگون مبارزه کن و تیرهای جادویی و توانایی‌های جدید را باز کن.
از مهارت‌های کمانداری برای زنده‌ماندن استفاده کن. ویژگی‌ها: - امکان بازی با ۳ کاراکتر جذاب : انسان، کوتوله و جادوگر
- ۳ داستان متنوع و خیره‌کننده و بیش از ۷۰ مرحله
- تیر‌ها، توانایی‌ها و مهارت‌های حملهٔ متنوع
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Commentaires à propos de Tiny Archers

  •  spamreporter

    spamreporter Perfect game!!! Great graphics, real blood, smooth movement, nice characters, easy to play, despite the fact that is a pay in app, it gives you a lot of resources without buying them.. Congratulations!! 5 stars.. Well done!!

  •  yuva1210

    yuva1210 It's fun! Great game to pass time. Hooked up with the game. But instant refill is not working, says video playback error when tries to load adds. Fix it please. love it

  •  planetoffice69

    planetoffice69 Tiny Archers Excellent Game. Too short, definitely need more levels. Well worth downloading and playing. Awesome

  •  workingsuccess

    workingsuccess Nice, but When you aim ur arrows, it's hard to "lock" where we want to shoot, and ends with our arrows move a bit and doesn't get the shot right.... BUG : after finishing adam's story, I continur to the narin story, I can only select 1 power arrow but when I play him, I can use 2 power arrow Brilliant

  •  chaudharyjacy

    chaudharyjacy Really fun Simple but interesting gameplay, and the ads / in game currency system is more than fair. Worth a go!

  •  marriyaluis

    marriyaluis Fun fun fun First time I have to admit a game implemented ads well. You can skip them or not up to you. Oh and the game is fun as well. love it

  •  anniew359

    anniew359 Update Game is good but there isnt much variety or content in my opinion. Need s some updates Go well

  •  alfred59

    alfred59 Very good It's a very good. Glad it didn't ask me to review until half way through the game. Superb!

  •  parulminocha

    parulminocha 有趣 可以看广告获取道具,模式略显单调。能不能塔在右边啊,左手总觉得不利索 Not bad

  •  msrumpadas

    msrumpadas Graphics Really good game..great work..but i considered graphics of the game on a bit lower side..needs to improve also an facebook sync option for saving the progress and competiting with friends Worth a go!

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