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Outfit 7

Tom et Angela sont très beaucoup d'amour

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Tom's Love Letters es una aplicación que nos permitirá tener en nuestra pantalla a los dos personajes más carismáticos de Outfit7: el gato Tom y su novia Ángela. En esta ocasión, además, los tendremos muy acaramelados, dándose besos y abrazos.

Desde la ventana principal de Tom's Love Letters podremos ver a sus dos protagonistas cogidos de la mano, y escuchar varias canciones románticas distintas. Además, si tocamos la pantalla podremos hacer que se den besos o abrazos, con unas animaciones muy simpáticas.

Ahora bien, aunque ver a Tom y Ángela haciéndose arrumacos es entretenido, uno de los principales atractivos de Tom's Love Letters es que nos permitirá crear más de una docena de tarjetas de amor diferentes. Estas tarjetas incluirán una imagen divertida de Tom y Ángela haciendo diferentes acciones, junto a un breve texto que podremos escribir nosotros mismos. Por supuesto, en cuanto terminemos de hacer la tarjeta, podremos compartirla con cualquier persona a través de otra aplicación.

Tom's Love Letters es una aplicación muy divertida, gracias a la que podremos crear tarjetas de felicitación amorosas en cuestión de segundos.
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Commentaires à propos de Tom's Love Letters

  •  kthornlaw

    kthornlaw Omg I doesnt seem that fun and surprising but you can write down and say what you want in your own words. Also there is good music with it. Go well

  •  MrShannaBainbridge

    MrShannaBainbridge JUmp HD Star mobile This app is awesome and my son loves to play this :) but hoping you guys gonna add more actions of angela and tom and more cards too.:) but all in all it's great. God bless us all Not bad

  •  inciongjqo

    inciongjqo Tom is stupid The songs Angela sing he does not deserve her so that means this game is boring and every time I play it goes back to the home screen shot yo gotti down in the DM remix lil Wayne or Drake Muito bom!

  •  Baxcoabs

    Baxcoabs Not fun There is no fun in this game. All there is, is you press them and they kiss. Also you can buy music and there are cards of them. I thought it would be fun. But no! love it

  •  Amishevoilmem

    Amishevoilmem It good but... If u guys could update it for Tom to have a clothes, and could u guys make them do differ things instead of just hugging kissing and dancing Good

  •  Alegreepielry

    Alegreepielry Awesomeness Because she cant send pictures about feelings and the picture telling you that you can be wherever you want showing feelings about the other person or showing about Tom and Angela together and different pictures but most likely show you love with two cats that are different types of cats but they still love each other and they are very different each other and Justin you and Ryan and lol Mavis the alien free like that app Must have

  •  mindisue

    mindisue If this was a school and I was a teacher, if give this a A+++ the cats are cute and love the music Must have

  •  jasrrxr

    jasrrxr So cute I like this game because tom kisses angela. Also i hear the music and it almost makes me fall to sleep. Also i see the lovely cars and they make me laugh and smile. Worth a go!

  •  carpinteyronvr

    carpinteyronvr fun stuff love it, I can let my hubby know I'm thinking of him when he's not home in a cute way. Worth it!

  •  carpinteyrocth

    carpinteyrocth Tom and Angela I love sending my babies cutesy postcards. Makes me smile every time. Love Love Love it... Muito bom!

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