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Soner Kara

La Next-Gen sans fin de Course Arcade

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Traffic Racer est une étape importante dans le genre de cours d'arcade sans fin. Conduisez votre voiture grâce à la circulation routière, gagner de l'argent, améliorer votre voiture et acheter de nouveaux. Essayez d'être l'une des piles les plus rapides dans les classements mondiaux. Sans fin de course hne maintenant redéfini!

- de Superbes graphiques 3D
- la manipulation de La voiture lisse et réaliste
- 35+ voitures différentes à choisir.
- 5 environnements détaillés: banlieue, désert, neige, pluie et de nuit de la ville,
- 5 modes de jeu: sans fin, à deux voies, Contre la montre, poursuite Policière et Free Ride
- Types de la richesse de trafic PNJ, y compris les camions, les bus et véhicules.
- Personnalisation de base à travers la peinture et les roues
- Classements en ligne et réalisations

- Tilt ou tactile verser diriger
- Bouton de gaz tactile verser accélérer
- Bouton de frein tactile verser ralentir

- Le plus vite vous conduisez les scores plus vous obtenez
- Lorsque vous conduisez sur à 100 km / h, dépasser de près les voitures verser obtenir des scores de bonus et l'argent
- Conduite en sens inverse de la mode bidirectionnel donne le score supplémentaire et de l'argent

le Trafic Racer sérums constamment mis à jour. S'il vous plaît musique et donner votre feedback pour améliorer encore le jeu.

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Commentaires à propos de Traffic Racer

  •  Hanger

    Hanger The game rocks fun, addicting, and makes you steadily feel accomplished. Just too many adds the more you play. Also plan on spending time or money getting all the cool cars. I wish they gave you the multiplier for the in game cash. But I'm a driver and it's just what I'm looking for! Pretty good

  •  jotInnothe

    jotInnothe Sweet Awesome graphics for one and two this game is so frickin crazy when it comes to swerving in and outta traffic makes for an interesting time killer. Best way to earn cash quickly is playing endless 2 way how ever u must drive on the opposite side as much as u can but beware unless ur car has good handling it's harder Pretty good

  •  ariwoni

    ariwoni Lavish Chigga my shlt The game is good but I can't decorate my car like I won't to, I think the game should have a better motion for the car when you steer, and a triangle flashes on my screen I don't know if it's a glitch but I can't tell if it's a eye In the middle cause it flash once in a while, they should let you mod all your parts on your car . And they should put more motion in the car when you switch lanes on a update I'll throw so money in. Muito bom!

  •  jswole

    jswole Can't unlock cars Says beetle is free - but when I try to unlock it, a short video start s up and the game crashes and reloads, and the car is still locked. I could give it more stars if everything worked like it supposed to..... Surprisingly

  •  hrsatl

    hrsatl ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME!!! Love this game... I like all the cars you can get and all the tacks (even though there aren't many) and I love, love, LOVE the graphics and how the cars actually merge to different lanes which is a challenge because you don't know when the merge over on you AND... it is very addictive. Brilliant

  •  universitymazda

    universitymazda After a long time i... Downloaded this again. And I gotta say I'm pleased to see it thrive. I was a part of the first 100,000 to download it first. And it was cool then. Wow so many cars. This is just well execution. I mean you have ads, but they are in the right place, you charge real money but DON'T DEMAND ANYTHING. I feel 100% in control of the game even if I play for free. And that's the way it should be. And I believe it has full offline support as well. Surprisingly

  •  bijupayipad

    bijupayipad OK.... The game is boring unless you please! make turns on the roads and tunnels and why can't I turn on my blinker's? and the police car is way to expensive!! And its so hard to get cash!! Also add people crossing the road and Different music and cars on the road plz make an update!! With bumps in the road and my car crashes so easily so make all cars stronger!! And make a police mode were the cops chase me it would make it really fun!.but it's still awesome Go well

  •  allogswhodo

    allogswhodo Irritative but addictive It is irritative because it still has bugs and it gets annoying because if u hit the car and it's going away and ur still driving and u hit it u crash and they say that it's ur fault so at that time it gets annoying but it's so addictive that I can't stop playing it. Also not to be mean but I think that the out side graphics could look a little life like to make it more realistic. Flawless

  •  neo1221

    neo1221 Great Game The range of available cars is impressive which is why I chose this game over its rival - Racing Fever. To improve, it should be easier to win large amounts of money on the daily bonus like it is on Racing Fever and all of the cars should be placed under 300,000 - anything over takes months to raise, in which time the gamer will get bored and uninstall the game. Surprisingly

  •  Cottonprint

    Cottonprint Cool game The name says it all.It's not your usual drag racing game. Drifting through the traffic, better gear up your car. A truck should be a better option. Or an ambulance? Or what about a school bus? You are not participating in any car racing competition. But occasional police chase will keep the tune set. All you have to do is to drive smoothly. And break a rule or two to keep going the momentum. I played it for hours. Non stop. Never ending. A good pass time activity. Giving it full stars. Because I loved it. Not bad

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