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Testez vos connaissances et défier vos amis maintenant! C'est Gratuit!

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Profitez en défiant vos amis et ennemis dans le jeu de question/réponse du moment!

Vous répondrez aux questions que notre sympathique roulette Willy aura choisi pour vous parmis les six catégories différentes. Obtenez les six couronnes pour gagner, mais prenez garde à la revanche!

Les raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez être en train de jouer en ce moment même à Trivia Crack:
- Des centaines de milliers de questions divertissantes
- Créez vos propres question dans l’Usine à questions
- Plus de 20 langues de jeu
- Chattez avec vos adversaires
- Album de cartes collectionnables

Vous avez besoin de plus? D’accord:
- Montrez qui en sait le plus
- Apprenez-en plus en vous divertissant
- Votre maman sera fière de vous

Qu’attendez-vous? Allez-y! Téléchargez le jeu!

Attention, ce jeu peut créer un excès d’amusement. Consultez un médecin si vous notez que votre savoir s’accroit de façon anormale.

Visitez http://www.triviacrack.com si vous avez besoin de plus d’informations.

Des doutes? Des problèmes, trouvez des solutions ici: support.etermax.com.

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Commentaires à propos de Trivia Crack

  •  bizlia

    bizlia Thank you for helping fix issue * Update * we don't know why it didn't up, but they did what they could to fix the issue. And were very timely in the matter. I love this game and glad my issue was resolved. Thank you Team Trivia Crack (I just now was able to get new update and now I only have 3 days to get 16 Olympic cards.) Pretty good

  •  aggychem

    aggychem Crack Addict! Typical story.....it only took one time and now I'm lookin' at rehab. Seriously though, it's one of the only games left that's not packed full of cheaters! Great!

  •  heather1116

    heather1116 Fun to play Very addicting and alot to do especially with gems and hearts but some questions are dumb and takes way too long to restore a life but still very educational and fun Perfect

  •  chelbne

    chelbne Such Fun Trival Knowledge Doesnt have to be so Trivial... More Fun than 'Plumber's Crack" and cheaper than regular Crack. Now i can beat women and children without the cops being called.... Thanks Trivia Crack Surprisingly

  •  rmaqarkoxga

    rmaqarkoxga Fun App Fun app, only annoying that it limits play without paying for it. Even though the ads are a pain, I'd rather watch them. They apparently have a limit on the number of times you can do that.....Anyway, it's still a fun app. Enjoying the competition too. Pretty good

  •  seexbzhandu

    seexbzhandu Cool, but too American... Amazing gameplay, but it has some issues: 1 - the answers are too close to one another. I personally lost count of how many times I lost a round for pressing a wrong answer by mistake. 2 - I'm not American. Most of the world isn't. It's ridiculous to ask questions about specific American states, questions that only Americans can possibly know the answer. If you go by that line of thought, why are the no questions about Brazilian states or Russian states and so on... 3 - Imperial system? Really??? Omg

  •  gstlqurviy

    gstlqurviy Fun and Educational It's a fun game where you can test your knowledge and learn a lot in the process! Brilliant

  •  asifblogging

    asifblogging Literally Crack I have been addicted to this game for about a year now, which is saying something because I usually play a game for 1 month and then move on. It's educational while still being fun and catchy. Great job

  •  tdenusa

    tdenusa Fun and educational Minor bugs such as if your phone is set for a large print, you can't always read the screen with the question. Recommend

  •  synergytech

    synergytech Fun but often too simple, with errors I enjoy TC but some of the questions are just silly. Make it more like Jeopardy! please. And the ads ... recently made more frequent and intrusive ... are just ghastly. Easy to delete 'em unread, luckily Omg

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