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Les routes sont en attente pour vous, devenir le Roi des Routes

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Si vous êtes fatigué de jeux de parking ce jeu est pour vous.

Conduisez votre camion entre les villes et les autoroutes!
Sélectionnez votre travail et de livrer votre cargaison dans un monde ouvert.

Remplissez les emplois, devenir un vrai camionneur!

Vous pouvez changer la position de la caméra en cliquant sur le bouton de l'appareil photo et de changer l'angle de vue en faisant glisser sur le centre de l'écran.

- Réaliste physique de camion
- 10 camions différents pour conduire
- 11 remorques différentes
- Cycle de jour et de nuit
- Dommages et de carburant
- Tilting, boutons et les commandes au volant
- Manuelles & automatiques engrenages
- Caméra Intérieur
- D'excellents graphismes HD

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Commentaires à propos de Camion Simulateur : Europe

  •  lenasweb

    lenasweb Very good I love it It is very very good I love because it's graphics is asomam. I want a game like it it has indicator,side lance,horn and light. whenever I am free I play this game but their is a problem in this game it use very battery please don't forgot . Keep it up .☺ Fantastic

  •  sarahsheen

    sarahsheen Truck lover This game has potential...... Needs a Bette user interface...... It ain't ready for play store as yet upgrades need on a large scale...... If u don't understand what I mean by that........???? You should take a look at ovidu's 3d truck simulation game....... Try to get it close to that or even better thank u........ Keep up the good work... wow lol

  •  andreclark6069

    andreclark6069 ATTENTION!!!!!!# ATTENTION CREATORS OF GAME! I WILL BUY THIS GAME AS WELL I'M SURE EVERYONE ELSE HERE IF.... You remove the ads that cause me to crash, make it so a sedan can't push me like a plow, make the steering arrows and tilt less sensitive. I strongly disagree with everyone's complaining about the game. Nothing's for free, but if you pay for it, which I want to, then I'll complain. Please edit this game ASAP. Also add more jobs in the lots as well as different looks for new lots. Also ETA for gps to jobs. Works perfectly

  •  rochi_95

    rochi_95 Good app Playable and nice game but one more things add right mirror, forest, different weather, road signs, rivers. Add different cities not the same in every scenario and fix head light to and back light. Also this traffic crash on me it's boring and makes me to pay for illegal action.Thanks.... Muito bom!

  •  aluviio

    aluviio Truck simulator : Europe. I like this game, but all 3 controls are very sensitive. It's hard to keep the truck on a straight lines, I spent more time off the road and getting hit by other vehicles. So this problems need big improvements. Worth a go!

  •  bhktbumhy

    bhktbumhy It works but a bit buggy Steering and controls are good. Other vehicles keep ramming you as if they're not aware of you, damaging your cargo making it even more difficult to make money. Cruise control doesn't work. A couple of times my trailer has disappeared then reappeared, as has the navigation guideline. love it

  •  oboxwapibpy

    oboxwapibpy Hoh! Its gud but abt traffic intelligence. u lied......im being ran over by other vehicles from de back all the tym dey find on their way......fix this....other vehicles lights too....add buildngs lights too....weather then i shal rate u 5 *'s Brilliant

  •  cstvuai

    cstvuai No serious efforts on updates With that horn and indicators you added you really undermined us. That horn sound like a motorbike one;the indicators are not shown on the dashboard the time you indicate.And other things are the trucks still sound the same; their interiors still looked the same;no right side mirror still;headlights are still poor and no illumination on dashboard when you turn the lights on. Go well

  •  unedgebuT

    unedgebuT Good but add more stuff Make cities have rivers seas or other stuff like viaduct or toll gates on highway and also add border controls Awesome

  •  buywowgoldlvf

    buywowgoldlvf Great game The game needs some improving like more cites and when your on the high way whatever its called need trees or building Worth it!

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