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True Axis

Rouler sur un skateboard, et faisons un grand nombre de trucs différents.

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Versão: 1.4.12
Tamanho: 31 MB


True Skate - игра на аndroid, с помощью которой вы будете кататься на скейте. В красивом скейт-парке находятся все необходимое для этого выступы, лестницы, трубы и перила. Поведите пальцами по земле, чтобы подтолкнуть скейт и поехали.

  • Реалистичная физика
  • Красивая графика
  • Камера, которая позволяет увидеть, где вы находитесь
  • Много скейт - парков

Русский язык: нет
Интернет: отключить перед запуском Mostram as palavras do Editor:
3D, piratés, jeux sans internet, jeux sans cache, de la mode

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Commentaires à propos de True Skate

  •  rsmitha57

    rsmitha57 legélethűbb és legrészletesebb gördeszka sim. store-ban található egyik legszórakoztatőbb játék. Ennyi pénzért meg pláne. Not bad

  •  2011dearlover

    2011dearlover Awesome game but devs you should add stalls to the game I think it would be a nice fresh feature Brilliant

  •  Aretstoff

    Aretstoff Simply the Best Short of the introduction of VR, this is as good as it gets. The IAP content is remarkable and well worth the investment. (Couldn't help myself - I of course purchased ALL the addition goodies because I damn hate to miss out on the grinding happiness.) Proactive developer with a eye for detail. BTW TS rocks on a Pixel C running Android N. Surprisingly

  •  juiceshop0

    juiceshop0 Awesome

  •  Jeffmorhet

    Jeffmorhet Trick responsiveness, also ideas for additional tricks This game is great and the physics are nice; however, it needs more work. Tricks never get recognized for me during missions, even though I'm doing them verbatim. I have an idea for some tricks to be included though, such as fingerflips (flipping the board out of a grab) and underflips (flipping the board over 180 and then back the other way 540). It would add more variety and depth to the game! Not bad

  •  passmark

    passmark Unfortunately Google play services has stopped "Unfortunately Google play services has stopped" This message keeps showing when I enter the game and my internet is on Muito bom!

  •  getenergy

    getenergy Great game But I bought a 6 pack of Santa Cruz decks but I don't know how to equip then. And I only have 300 TC. Omg

  •  ajaxmarketing

    ajaxmarketing Great but..... Great game but sometimes it will kick me out and i will have to uninstall then reinstall and I will loose map which isn't a problem because you can restore the your maps but the new board and wheel color will be lost if you can fix that the game would be awsome Worth it!

  •  rnzhlga

    rnzhlga THE BEST...but You make us pay for the game which is fair enough but then you make all the parks only available if you pay!!! Also gets boring easily Pretty good

  •  vufbscoq

    vufbscoq Its ok but Many things you have to pay to unlock. For a free game I would agree, but this is not the game. The game itself is well made and worth the priceb but I got bored of the same park over and over again. So i wont play anymore. Omg

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