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یک بازی تفننی جالب که در آن باید سعی کنید با پریدن خودتان را روی خانه های آبی رنگ نگه دارید و به پایین نیافتید، البته خانه های آبی رنگ به صورت مارپیچ هستند که ماندن روی آنها کمی مشکل است. برای پریدن کافی است صفحه نمایشگر را لمس کنید. ضمنا میتوانید الماس های سر راهتان را هم بردارید و از آنها برای باز کردن قفل توپ های جدید و رنگ های جدید برای خانه ها استفاده کنید. فکر میکنید بالاترین امتیازی که در این بازی میتوانید بیاورید چقدر باشد؟ Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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  •  goongeBiari

    goongeBiari It's OK The game is fun it's just that there is too many ads. The game is really challenging for your mind and you have to know what is the right time to jump and the right not to. My hight score is 264. The game is easy for me but when I started the game it was so hard but once you play it a lot you will get the hang of it. So the game is fun there is just too many ads. It really challenges your mind to think what is the right time to jump. Brilliant

  •  sweetbianca

    sweetbianca I love the game but.. Don't get me wrong I love,love,love,LOVE This game! But there are just too many adds!Every single time I die and try and play again an add stops me >:( I would give it a more stars but due to the adds I don't think it deserves it. Fix this please. Pretty good

  •  ghandorah22

    ghandorah22 Fun and hard It's so much fun and I can't stop playing! I love the different balls, but I don't see the point of getting new floors if it changes colors. It's really hard but you get the hang of it. There are a LOT of ads though, so please fix that? Awesome

  •  just_like_it

    just_like_it Awesome game Especially when you're bored, on the bus waiting for appointments, this game is great no other game has made me this determined to make a new record better than any runner game, with a nice little shop with balls that actually look for cool. Rated 4 stars because this little faded +1 got stuck in the middle of the screen only there when playing game. Well done!!

  •  affinotsGeate

    affinotsGeate Really Fun good time killer just 1 fix... Great game really fun to play got a record of 480, only down side is it lags somtimes loading the blocks so if you got a high streak going then it lags and you fail lol. And non of the googleplay games achievements unlock... that would be a nice fix plz! One cool thing to add would be epic music like the imposible game has, although this game dosnt have a actual end music could be hard to put in lol. Well done!!

  •  Openjskks

    Openjskks Awesome The only problem is... it is hard to get the timing right. Sometimes there is glitches and I hate the adds because they pop UP ALL THE TIME. Great!

  •  Itamnertenry

    Itamnertenry It's great Never I I found a game that makes precise timing to its Max potential like this! Perfect

  •  wwproperty_deals

    wwproperty_deals ADS!!!! And the shop!!!!!! If these ads wont stop popping up in the middle of this game i will go crazy. I love the game but not the ads. Also whenever i h o to the shop and don't buy any thing, it buys stuff for me by taking my coins without me even wanting it. It is getting really annoying. Muito bom!

  •  Lulpovavioump

    Lulpovavioump Great but too many ads This game is addictive but a great way to kill time. It's entertaining and u enjoy playing it. However, I find there is too many ads that pop up that can frustrate you and I see this is a problem with other users. Overall, it is addictive, great and entertaining but the game would be even better if the developers perhaps reduce the amount of ads popping up so for that I am giving 4 stars. Marvelous

  •  beewannonia

    beewannonia Fantabulous! I love this game! Although, if you have anger issues, you should be careful. You might throw your phone. This is a great time killer, though! Enjoy it!

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