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Versão: 2.5.0
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برنامه ای رایگان و متن باز برای ساخت و ویرایش فیلم و کلیپ تنها در چند دقیقه. البته این برنامه روی تمام دستگاهها قابل اجرا نیست. امکانات: - کم کردن از ابتدا و انتهای فیلم - تقسیم فیلم به دو یا چند قطعه - حذف یک بخش از میانه فیلم - جلوه های ویژه (fade in و fade out، سیاه و سفید، نگاتیو، حرکت آهسته) - افزودن صدا و موزیک به فیلم - استخراج فریم از فیلم - به اشتراک گذاری در یوتیوب همچنین: - پخش فیلمها - تبدیل چند تصویر به اسلایدشو Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Video Maker Pro Free

  •  songhaystudios

    songhaystudios Great but My videos looks very ugly when I export them...the colors and frames make my videos look nightmarish love it

  •  Noopur

    Noopur It worked GREAT* *FOR A WHILE, i cant export correctly anymore. Audio always sounds good but graphics are messed up, Brilliant

  •  cqpdzfvow

    cqpdzfvow Interested Looks like what i was looking for. I hope some where i find i can take 3D picture.

  •  wzrqwhe

    wzrqwhe Good, sometimes crashes hard Works really well for some clips, though when trying to import others (even only a few seconds long) the program crashes..

  •  pktmut

    pktmut It did what I wanted but.. When I tried to export it, it got to 10% and then it "stopped working." Fix this please.

  •  knsabrin

    knsabrin Superb Very user friendly. So easy to create. Extremely quick. Loved it tons!!! Really coooooool....!

  •  steermelort

    steermelort I HATE THIS AAAAAAPPP! EVEEER! This app is so creepy! I instaled this app on this day! When I open it, it says! UNFORTUNATELY THIS APP HAS STOPPED! plsss fix thiiiiiss! Surprisingly

  •  lioneqm

    lioneqm Amazing but Its usful and has every effect you can imagibe but when i put on my laptop it didnt work so i put it on another laptop it didnt work :( wow lol

  •  toughguard

    toughguard Nope I want to add text but I can't!Please add a text option!And I do not like it in my opinion but I'm giving it 5 stars because they tried very hard Worth it!

  •  naturepro1

    naturepro1 It works on my tablet but not my phone. When I use my tablet it works perfectly but on my phone it won't put the videos and audio I choose into the app. I will rate it 5 stars once the problem with my phone is fixed Perfect!

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