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Entrant l'ultime fusillade de la! Déchaîner les enfers sur l'ennemi, utiliser des armes, les tactiques et les sales tours! Nous vous donnons six champs de bataille, un tas d'armes et d'une équipe de fissure de warlings pour effectuer vos manœuvres de combat. Combat dans l'espace, à la mer, dans l'air et beaucoup plus!

Jouer avec des amis - hot seat et modes Bluetooth disponibles.

avoir de l'action. À la guerre! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
warlings pc, warlings armageddon

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Commentaires à propos de Warlings

  •  junior_canales

    junior_canales Bit limited Potential to be a good game. It needs bigger battle field's and more weapons. And as always on every game, less bleeding advertising. Also maybe change so as each one has its own death. Very boring watching them die the same way. Go well

  •  eugeniohardy616

    eugeniohardy616 Thank you! Thank you for making a great fun game--especially one that you can play over bluetooth. Gameplay is smooth and entertaining. Perhaps adding a wind factor might enrich the game a bit and sometimes the game is glitchy during bluetooth games (not letting you aim weapons anywhere but straight down). But overall, an easy 5 star game Works perfectly

  •  andyclemons37

    andyclemons37 Stellar The closest any game of this specific game type has ever come to that N64 game we all know and love. Not as many features, nor weapons as the real thing, but it's game play is a top notch clone. Great job. Haven't tried the multiplayer, but it's in beta, so I really can't say much. Not bad

  •  charleyheath717

    charleyheath717 Great super fun game. All it needs is more and bigger maps weapons bigger prizes for player multiplayer and a way to name your men and change outfits. But those are all small things even without those still the most fun game there is to get Brilliant

  •  bemamefeenlah

    bemamefeenlah Fun game..! I do really like the game however... I'm not happy with the fact that you can't get the carrot bomb unless you like the Facebook page which I have done many times... And each time it never gives me the bomb... Or I would have a much better rating.. love it

  •  Gizmospring

    Gizmospring Addicting 5 stars if we get more battle grounds and weapons, I'm holding that last star hostage. Lol how about a battle under the sea in a submarine, or in the snow mountain, do a Mario Bros spoof battle field. Like a vortex bomb that suck them closer to knock them in a hole, anti gravity something. Enjoy it!

  •  presshw

    presshw Good game Only problem I have is the location of the skip go button. On a touch screen phone its just too close to the movement buttons. I'm often skipping goes by accident, kind of annoying Marvelous

  •  inciongdtj

    inciongdtj Awesome Oh men, I really enjoyed playing this. This reminds me of a game called DDtank... Cool

  •  SteveRickwater

    SteveRickwater Great It's a good app overall... But some people cheat.. They take health and also throw something... Same with that protective bubble, they use that and also throw something... Is this a feature or a bug.. If feature then tell us how to do that.. Otherwise fix the bug... Amazing!

  •  inciongtkh

    inciongtkh BRAVO! Almost a morror image of team 17's popular WORMS franchise. I enjoyed the fac yt? That I can get just as man ch entertainment without comming out of pocket to get it. Only thing I can say on improvement to the app itself is: MORE WEAPONS! and BIGGER explosions! Great job

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