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Plusieurs mini-jeux et des dessins animés sur le côté de Mickey Mouse

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یک بازی فوق العاده زیبا با انیمیشن های طنز آمیز می باشد . این بازی تجربه یک بازی طنز همراه با پازل های چالش برانگیز را در اختیار شما قرار می دهد ! در هر مرحله باید ضربه بزنید ، بچرخید و آب ها را جمع آوری کنید تا سرانجام میکی را پیدا کنید ! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
jeux de mickey, minnie et mickey

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Commentaires à propos de Mickey? Free

  •  DorImmogy

    DorImmogy Fun and funny! It was highly entertaining. Really enjoyed the play. Not too hard at all but still thought provoking. Great job

  •  elaratred

    elaratred I would've given it a 5 star because it really is a cute game but, once again, it's those dang pop up ads, so annoying! This one, the ads pop up in the middle of each and every new level and it causes you to lose your game or it freezes up! Geez, I wish whoever makes these games would listen to us who rate it and fix what the problems are or quit asking us to rate it!!! So annoying! 5 star

  •  gampSmighlini

    gampSmighlini Love this game best game ever i win all the levels in one time really nice and best game in ever... Muito bom!

  •  pjamiol

    pjamiol 11/10 IGN DuO :(HALF of a lifetime and I'm gonna go swimming in the middle of his slideshow photo album, and if people who watched the voice isn't that he isn't even know YouTube on my way ft. how long is this boring and I'm just like I can come back and LOUDLY to go. Works perfectly

  •  ajnkyahmy

    ajnkyahmy Awsome It is very easy I learnt it in 1 minute I love it. You will love it too Exelent.

  •  drarefaqimi

    drarefaqimi Coolest game ever I love this game because it challenges my learning more to try and find ur way out

  •  biqirfsnnvi

    biqirfsnnvi Stop posting mean comments guys None of you hate this game for a good reason, i bet your just mad you cant beat the game so you write mean comments about good games all day, dont you have anything better to do?

  •  wivwmfs

    wivwmfs It as alright I think everyone can say it was fun, but it literally took less that five minutes to play. I would of finished faster if there wasnt as much adds. 1 more thing, why does it say the game is free if you can only play like 5 rounds then it says to buy it?!

  •  dnqdqdwvcl

    dnqdqdwvcl SERIOUSLY I THOUGHT THIS WAS A PHYSICS BASED GAME C'mon Disney WIND SHOULD PUSH LIQUIDS... At least I haven't had any ads yet..... Bit rubbish only having 13 levels though

  •  kfpagqi

    kfpagqi What's up with the negative comments!? Hey all you guys that say "I can't play this" and "I thought Disney could do better that" STOP saying that!! I'm 8 and it was a breeze playing. This is an AMAZING game and I've gotta say, this was an AWESOME game Disney! Keep up the good work!

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