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Where's My Perry? Free es un juego de puzles en el que tendremos que hacer llegar una corriente de agua a nuestro protagonista para que éste pueda escapar usando las tuberías.

La mecánica del juego es bastante sencilla: solo debemos 'raspar' la suciedad de las profundidades de las alcantarillas con la yema del dedo, permitiendo así que el agua, recreada a la perfección con un sistema de físicas realista, vaya fluyendo por la pantalla hasta llegar a su destino.

Hacer llegar el agua a Perry puede resultar más o menos fácil. Lo realmente difícil será conseguir los tres enanitos que hay repartidos en cada nivel, que normalmente estarán en sitios poco accesibles. Sólo mojando a estos enanitos podremos conseguir la mejor puntuación.

A nivel gráfico Where's My Perry? Free es muy bonito. No tiene unos gráficos espectaculares, pero desde luego se nota el nombre de Disney en el mimo que se le ha puesto al aspecto del juego.

Where's My Perry? Free es un juego súper divertido, con una mecánica original que encaja perfectamente en un terminal Android, y una cantidad de niveles enorme que nos mantendrá ocupados durante días (15 en su versión gratuita y más de 200 en la versión de pago).
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Commentaires à propos de Where is My Perry? Free

  •  MerlinKynton

    MerlinKynton Amazing game nice puzzles great animation only 5th level but I like this game very much the company has made so many games but in my mobile phone this is the best game thank you very much Not bad

  •  quartzrecruitment

    quartzrecruitment Can't install I get error 504 when installing. I'm on a HTC One M8 running Android 6. App itself worked on Android 4 and was quite fun. Quite a shame. Fabulous!

  •  jcsjay

    jcsjay Stop being so stingy with the levels, for real. Its like the PlayStation's 30 second demos. Just makes me feel like I wasted my time Marvelous

  •  YehudaMata

    YehudaMata Nice games Very nice games. Lots of fun. Need full version without any cost because it is not easy to purches via dolar or credit card from bangladesh. Its not easy... Brilliant

  •  sweetendeavours

    sweetendeavours Okay I would like 2 give 5 ★ to the game but I din't do so cause 2 many ads and very few levels Flawless

  •  ignicuoub

    ignicuoub Love it I dont know why people complain when they dont get the whole thing for free. Everything is not just handed to you and that is how people make money. How are they supposes to make money? Anyway this game is awesome. Great!

  •  britneyvag

    britneyvag Great enjoy I really appreciate where's my Perry? but only few levels (25) available hence I given 4*, But the game can beat where is my water?? Worth a go!

  •  alikur89

    alikur89 So fun and wonderful I donet lie but idk because all level is open and i think i play 15 level and more ....do you know how??instal my free apps ..to install this game and all level will open u can instal all game for free and all level will open ...thx for see Worth it!

  •  chkbcbaozd

    chkbcbaozd A bit disappointed I've watched this show on TV and so was expecting something more fun.Also the time it took to download was rather frustrating & it was very short too .BUT I found the game quite cute. Worth it!

  •  nwjckxahfv

    nwjckxahfv Where's my perry This game is very interesting,it give you something too do other just be bored it a very fun game its very interesting Not bad

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