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Une nouvelle grande aventure en dernier lieu par l'eau

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Where's My Water 2 es la segunda parte del genial título de Disney, en el que nuestro objetivo es hacerle llegar agua con suficiente presión a Swampy, un simpático cocodrilo que tan solo quiere disfrutar de una buena ducha.

Para conseguir hacer llegar el agua hasta la posición de Swampy tendremos que raspar la tierra y la suciedad que hay entre ellos, creando un camino con el dedo para que esta pueda fluir tranquilamente. Pero claro, normalmente no será tan fácil, ya que en cada uno de los más de cien niveles con los que cuenta el juego, encontraremos distintas trampas y complicaciones.

En Where's My Water 2, además de al caimán Swampy, tendremos que abastecer de agua a dos de sus amigos (también caimanes): Allie y Crankie, que también quieren darse una ducha relajante. Esta, por supuesto, no es la única novedad de esta segunda parte. Más modos de juego, un apartado gráfico remodelado, 'power ups' especiales, o un buen puñado de logros son algunas de las novedades más destacables.

Where's My Water 2 es un excelente juego de puzles, que se mantiene fiel al título original ofreciendo una experiencia muy similar, pero con más niveles, más personajes y más posibilidades. Además, en esta ocasión el juego es totalmente gratuito.
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  •  inquoz

    inquoz Really fantastic value, with lots of levels, lots of different modes, and lots of ducks to collect. The difficulty curve is very forgiving, with the levels getting challenging as time goes on but not so difficult that you have to make in-app purchases to complete. I'm in the Bayou level so far and I've only really used a power-up once. The only thing that mars the experience are the ads, but the ads are easy enough to exit from. Works perfectly

  •  pandoraJewelry2ieff2

    pandoraJewelry2ieff2 Great game plagued by adds The game is amazing like the first one but it is plagued by ads every 30-45 seconds or even less. It's annoying because there isn't an option to just give them another dollar to knock it off. Not bad

  •  Poeleinvani

    Poeleinvani Constantly crashes When it's working I love this game, but after making a good amount of progress it crashed and I had to start at the beginning again. The crashing became more frequent and now it can't even load up without crashing so is unplayable. Hope they fix it, because I was enjoying the game. Perfect!

  •  schenker88

    schenker88 Really love the game but so many ads... I really love this game as it is challenging and addicting! But this app just had way too many ads :(. Really deters me from playing now. Wish Disney can limit the ads a little bit more. Amazing!

  •  alexburns13

    alexburns13 Ah no!!!!! I'm a 12 year old girl I installed this game and wasn't able to play all the levels only a few levels and it also hangs while playing. But it is good although. But I wish I would b able to play more levels. Please?? Worth a go!

  •  cyrusbullock11

    cyrusbullock11 The game is great when it's not freezing! Every time I try to do level 35 it let's me watch 1 video then freezes. Tried for 3 days now. This is a pain as the game itself it excellent. Good

  •  hawk1821

    hawk1821 Used to love it But now I only love the premise. It has become way too ad heavy. Pop-up ads you tap accidentally and often. I thought my paying for the app stopped the ads. Surprisingly

  •  hotpursuit

    hotpursuit I like the game alot. It's very enjoyable. However, none of my Facebook friends plays this game. So I cannot obtain the three keys to move on to the next level, and it's very annoying :S (two thumbs down on that aspect). The video to obtain a reward doesn't even play. It says it's downloading but nothing happens. Please provide another way of obtaining keys. Thank you! 5 star

  •  indiainternet6

    indiainternet6 Fun game but... The game itself is fun but there are tons and tons of ads. A video almost every level and a pop up sometimes twice or more every sublevel. It's super annoying. Also the game crashes a lot.... Works great

  •  wxhdif

    wxhdif Less play more ads There are too many ads. This game used to be good but therw are ads around every transition. FIX THIS PLZZ!!!!!!!! Just wow

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