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Free download apk for android. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Z Camera - Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage

  •  Jeormhefe

    Jeormhefe Z camera Found this easy to use and gave some good effects .I quite like that ads and have even taken advantage of a special offer on one of them . Good

  •  FowEcottgow

    FowEcottgow Good I just love this app it might takes a lot of space in ur phone but this app is so good Go well

  •  powdeq

    powdeq Ziggy stardust Ghetto camera is really good, and tracks movements with finest and real time movements. Works great

  •  davanzo

    davanzo Day no.1 I just downloaded it and it's frickin' amazing my photography skills aren't that great but with z camera I improved so much Cool

  •  Johnpenmark

    Johnpenmark THE BEST CAMERA I really love it i actually love it more than my real camera and snapchat, Works great

  •  OsborneOutsourcing

    OsborneOutsourcing I like it...but there's to many adds when I'm looking through my pics but the developers did a great job with helping me out with my problems Cool

  •  JayJones

    JayJones Like it, but the VIP paid pricing is ridiculous I'm neither paying a monthly fee nor $25/year for a camera app. $25??? FOR REAL? ? ? Nope. Good app, though. Just not $25/year good. Works great

  •  rxbattle

    rxbattle Excellent It's working with me is that you need it just this camera the way you want it you are the most intelligent person you can change anything on the life I mean human you can add anything in the world and you can destroy in a minute love it

  •  stolly

    stolly Loving it Totally lovin it especially the mirror effect wicked and enjoying the different frames xx Amazing!

  •  chen520mo

    chen520mo Great fun! This app is so much fun! I just want to run around taking all kinds of pictures and add all the fun stuff to them! Love it! Omg

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