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Rester sur le mur et faire comme beaucoup de zigzags que vous le pouvez!

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Versão: 1.22
Tamanho: 21M


Restez sur le mur et faîtes le plus de zigzags possible !

Touchez l'écran pour changer la direction de la balle. Attention de ne pas tomber !

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Commentaires à propos de ZigZag

  •  richieboyer517

    richieboyer517 Its super cool Everything doesn't play out as you expect it too. In your head you're like, "Oh this is gonna be easy," but then when you play it for a first time you start getting frustrated at how challenging the game is. One wrong turn and you're out. It'll last you a while, don't worry. Its not a waste of your time. I suggest you download it. Recommend

  •  Boonnawax

    Boonnawax Addictive It's too addictive it won't let me eat I can't sleep it's stealing my life man! Anyway it was a really great game and I'm uninstalling it with high score of 110! Thank you! Updated Version: So I reinstalled it......God help me please!!Updated Version: Omg my highest score Is 185 dream come true!! Took me 2 day strait my fingers are falling off! Woohoo so fun! Not bad

  •  play2win727

    play2win727 Highly Addictive A very good game indeed even a much addictive one as I have found. The most craziest thing is that ,I have jst downloaded this app a few moments before and my whole battery is drained up in playing this. Go well

  •  nupNaxpaurgig

    nupNaxpaurgig Joy Rewards It's really good application you can discover new applications good The app works so good so far. Haven't tried to cash out yet and guess that will be the real test. Refer me and we both get coins to get more prizes (2379776) Great app easy to use, making cash is slow but much better than other similar apps that I've tried! Pretty good

  •  hanstalley13

    hanstalley13 More content The game itself is a bomb! Love it and always will but you need to keep on bringing new stuff on the table. There is a need of more content as once you make a high score and purchase all of the balls there is really nothing to spend those gems on so at least keep bringing updates for new awesome balls. Surprisingly

  •  standoutcareer

    standoutcareer Fun little game I'd like to see multiple paths, like one extra every once in a while. Maybe the second path could be more narrow and instead of pink Dimonds ,maybe black worth double on the narrow path and that path adventually leads back to the main wider path. Highly Recommend.

  •  solomoncunni718

    solomoncunni718 A nice simplistic game, but has problems with syncing Doesn't sync any high scores you get while not connected to the internet. Plus, in order for it to update your high score, you have to beat your old one... The one that didn't sync in the first place. Must have

  •  Tapzlziabtrtp

    Tapzlziabtrtp Gets stuck a lot and lots of ads Everytime I play it for the first time it doesn't move and then it suddenly moves and makes me lose the game also there is a lot of adverts that keep on showing up Surprisingly

  •  paulsps

    paulsps This is a very hard and challenging game. It keeps you entertained and it requires focus and concentration. I really think that this is a stupendous game. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. There are no video adds and there are so many new balls to buy. I love it and I really think ( and hope☺) that you would love it and like it, too. Thank you. Fantastic

  •  fredrickwood12

    fredrickwood12 Ok It's theme is more than better. But it has no levels. And by just starting you will get same difficulty as a whole. That is one disadvantage of this game. You won't clear the pretty distance in small fraction of time. Recommend

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